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  • Installation of simple outdoor lighting solar street light 100W

Name:Installation of simple outdoor lighting solar street light 100W

Product Description

Integrated Solar Street Light


Our integrated solar street light which integrates solar panel,LED lamp and Li-Fe battery into a single product,is with human intelligence induction system to gain the solution of low energy consumption,long lighting time,high lumen and free maintenance.And the same timeit is convenient in shipping and installation.


The product is made up with integrated parts:solar panel,Li-Fe battery,LED,MPPT controller and human intelligence induction system.

3.Working Characters:

The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity and stored in Li-Fe battery via controller,the LED light will work at night automatically by light sensor control,and provide light for darkness area, and the human intelligence induction system can save energy when the lighting is too strong.


This product can be installed in the garden,residential area,courtyard,road,mine area,parking area,etc.The batteries provide energy for LED light ,and the solar panel charges for batteries.

5.1.Installation Instruction:

1.Integrated solar led street light can not work without sunshine charging,please select suitable product model according to local sunshine radiation and annual total radiation.

2.Integrated solar led street light adopts long life lithium battery for storing energy ,charging temperature at day time is between :0ºC~+50ºC,when temperature goes lower than 0ºC,the control system will stop automatically to protect the batteries ,and it will revive to charge the batteries while temperature goes higher than 0ºC.Discharging temperature at night is between:-20º~+50ºC, any ambient beyond it will bring damage to the batteries .Please confirm your local extreme temperature is suitable while selecting the street light.

3.While this product is installed in Northern Hemisphere,please make sure the surface of the solar panel to face the South to collect maximum sunshine radiation,while installed in Southern Hemisphere,please make sure the surface of the solar panel to face the North to collect maximum sunshine radiation.At the same time, please keep it away from any shadow of house,trees etc.

4.Keep cleaning the surface of the integrated solar led street light with normal detergent to get maximum power generation,clean the dust or tree leaves or any grease.

5.Fuse holder is built on the light housing, please take off the isolation film before using.

Installation Guide Pictures





5.2.Operation Instruction:

1.Make sure the solar panel faces sunshine while installing.

2.Meanwhile,you can adjust the angel between the lamp head and base, you had better reconcile the lamp head with local latitude.

3.The light pole should be placed in the best position with good sunshine.Place the lamp on the pole by its sleeve, special screw should be used and steady installation should be ensured then turn on the switch on the side of lamp , the lamp will start to work.That is all.

Operation Guide Pictures :



1.Without the guidance of trained technical staff,please do not open the product yourself.

2.Please avoid trees,building and other blocks for the installation application.

3.When installing or transporting it ,please try to avoid collision and handle with care.

4.Solar power of the “integrated solar led street light”can be stored for 6 months after the batteries are full charged.Please examine,and charge periodically after long time transportation to prevent damage.

Product parameters

Material: aluminium  Condition Temperature:  -20-50℃
LED Qty: 160pcs Bridgelux Work Humidity: >95%
Power:100W Colour rendering index: 70Ra
Input Voltage:DC12V Controller efficiencyr: ≥0.90
Control:100W Lens angle:60*120º
Batteries:80aH Work time:0-12H
Panel:120WP Waterproof: IP65
Short Current: <5mA GW:24kg  NW:21.5kg 
lighting effect:100-110LM/W spec.:  L1860*W315*H65MM
Luminous Flux (lm):10000-11000LM package size:1960*410*170MM
Rainy day:3-5day package size:710*420*310mm(base)
The installation height:10-12M  Install the spacing:30-35M 20 foot container/flat ark 145sets
Light pole top diameter:60-100mm Ark of 40 foot container/flat/tall ark 365 sets of 290 sets
Product certification:CE、ROHS、TUV IP65  


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