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The development prospects of solar street light

The development prospects of solar street light

As the world increasingly shortage of energy, environmental protection and energy saving of the solar energy is more and more attention by people, solar street light

The utilization rate is also more and more high. With the continuous development of solar energy technology in China, so the solar street light with its unique characteristics of occupying the market share.

The development of the solar street light is a typical in the development of solar power generation technology, advocating energy saving country

Support clean new energy in one direction. As the promoting function of many factors make solar street lamps had rapidly

The fury of the development momentum. Is this kind of its development speed and chaoyang industry, more and more people joined in the promotion of the army of solar street lamps, so also will increase the risk of the industry factor, intensified the competition.

We all know that competition in the market or industry development are important influence enterprise development bottleneck

Factors to new technology and new invention reduces cost to break the bottleneck in the industry leading level. Recent new developed solar street light controller, LED street lamp dedicated controller of new products, break through the influence multiple aspects of solar street lights and LED street lamp control problem.

Special solar street lamps controller designed for solar dc street lamp system, MCU control unit and tandem

PWM charging main circuit,

Intelligent control is realized. Adopt double bond type light touch switch,

Complete all operations and Settings. With a short circuit, overload, meter, overcharge, discharge, automatic shut off, and mains protection functions such as automatic recovery and solar energy complementary function.

Controller on a computer chip charging voltage and charging current of solar panels, battery terminal voltage, discharge current, environment temperature involves controlling the charge and discharge parameters, such as sampling, implements the conform to the characteristics of battery

Temperature compensation of charging and discharging control, adopt efficient

PWM battery charging mode, ensure that the battery and work in the best state of lamps and lanterns, greatly extend the service life of battery and lamps and lanterns, improves the solar battery charge

Efficiency and the working efficiency of the light source circuit;

Has a variety of work mode, the output mode choice. LED street lamp lights dedicated controller can be adjusted according to the demands of time and the time of the light source power, the overall design basic consideration to every link.

With the conversion of solar photovoltaic technology, solar street light controller don't improve, new light source

Update and gradually reduce the costs, the development of solar street lights will bring us more broad prospects and more beautiful city scenery.

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